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Time To Change Your Battery: Why our battery replacement price beats the others

Buying traditional wristwatches is as good as buying new jewelry. You buy an investment, and most of these pieces also come with ornamental crystals and stones. As such, it can be worrying when the watch stops functioning as required. A dead battery is one of the six reasons you may need a watch repair near me services. The best place to start your search for an expert repair is at shops that buy and sell precious metals. Most jewelers offer watch repair as a service though you may have to confirm with them first. In this blog, we will explain how to determine when it’s time to get your watch repaired.

When do you need to change your battery?

There are some very obvious signs that you need to replace your battery, one of which is when your watch stops working. Most watch batteries last between two to five years, so if your watch is no longer ticking after two years, the battery is most likely the issue. Other subtle signs you need to change your battery are;

  1. The second-hand skips
  2. Your watch is no longer accurate
  3. There is moisture or water damage
  4. The case is swollen
  5. The watch dial is dimmer

Why get an expert for battery replacement

There are many excellent guides offering tips on changing your watch battery, but you should not be so quick, especially with an expensive timepiece. Here is why you should use expert watch repair services.

  • For safety
  • Identify if the battery is the issue
  • Get genuine batteries
  • Find the correct battery
  • Protect the watch’s warranty

Why our price beats others

So what makes Doylestown Gold Exchange your best watch repair near me? We offer the best value for money. Our rates are competitive in relation to what we offer our clients, including:

·         We are the best at what we do

We are experts at what we do and have extensive experience removing the guesswork from watch repair. We are an award-winning jewelry store, and we value our reputation, which has seen us enhance our skills and service delivery.

·         Excellent customer care

In connection with our service delivery, you enjoy unrivaled customer care with excellent communication giving you a free quote and a detailed description of any repair we’ll carry out, and your items are always hand delivered and never shipped to our store. We will also give you free guidance and tips for your watch’s care.

·         Timely work

We understand how you value your timepiece and strive to work as quickly as possible. Watches usually take 3-4 weeks for repair, while some issues, like battery replacements, can be done as you wait.

·         One-stop service

We offer all kinds of watch repairs, not limited to battery replacement. You will not need to take your items elsewhere for other services. Because we buy and sell diamonds and other precious jewelry, even if you need to replace a missing stone, we have you covered.

·         Insurance

All our items and items under our care are insured. We handle expensive and prized items, and we also buy and sell used jewelry meaning we cannot take risks of not having insurance. You can rest safe knowing in case of an unfortunate event, you will not suffer loss.

Time for a change?

Should you observe your watch suddenly not functioning as it should, the first suspect is usually your battery, and it may be time to change it. If your watch is an excellent investment, you do not want to go the DIY route. Instead, look for a reputable ‘watch repair near me’ service and let the experts handle it. We are your perfect partners for such a task. We offer watch repair services and are your best jewelry repair near me option. Our expertise ensures you know for real if the battery is the issue, and if so, you get the best manufactured approved battery for your watch. Fill out a contact form today or call us directly at 215.345.6630.

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