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Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers is a trustworthy and honest way to buy and sell gold, silver and jewelry.

As a family owned business with over 20 years of precious metals experience, we understand that the best way to succeed is to be fair to our customers with all of our services, including when we buy and sell gold.

We offer prices that reflect the spot price at that time based on the weight of the metal. Please stop in and visit our store to see what we can offer when you decide to sell gold in Bucks County.

At Doylestown Gold Exchange, we will take the time to speak with you and offer an assessment of the jewelry that you bring in. We will explain to you what you have and what it is worth. If desired, we can make you an offer for your items at that day’s spot price. This way, you will receive the most cash for the gold, silver and jewelry items that you bring in.

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Precious Metal Spot Prices

Buy Jewelry Online

We all have busy schedules, so Doylestown Gold Exchange has made it easy to shop for jewelry online. Visit our online jewelry store now to find the perfect piece for you or someone you love, and learn how you can even get your item the next day!

Selling Gold, Silver, Jewelry

Turn old and broken jewelry into cash that you can use today. Receive cash for gold, jewelry, coins and more. Please take some time to gather your things and bring them in to us to appraise and let you know how much money we can give you today!

Custom Diamond Engagement

Wholesale diamond prices for engagement rings, earrings, pendants or any specialty item you want to design. Work with Greg Glemser our Graduate Gemologist who has been selling high quality engagement rings for over 15 years.

We Buy & Sell Gold & Silver Coins

Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers appraise and purchase coin collections. With the rise in the prices of gold and silver, gold coins have increased in value and you need to go to someone you can trust to give you an honest and fair appraisal of your items.

We Buy and Sell Loose Diamonds

Whether you are buying or selling – our gemologist, Greg Glemser will provide consulting services which will help when buying a great stone. He’ll also talk to you about the stone you are looking to sell and guide you along the way, thus giving you a fair price.

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