6 Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working

Watch Repair in Bucks County

If your watch slows down or stops working completely, don’t panic.

This is certainly a stressful event, yet it might be possible for the Bucks County watch repair experts at Doylestown Gold Exchange to get your timepiece back in working order. Do not make any assumptions about why your watch stopped working. There are all sorts of factors that have the potential to alter the performance of a watch.

A Dead Battery

A dead battery is the top reason for quartz watches to stop functioning. Though some fine watches do not use batteries, those that do will likely function for at least a couple years. Beyond this point, the battery life begins to diminish significantly.

The life of a watch battery hinges on its size, watch functionality, whether it is digital and if it has been exposed to extreme temperatures. We can inspect the battery and the state of its contacts to determine if this is the problem. Our experts will carefully replace the battery so other watch functions are not damaged in the process.

High Electrical Currents

In some instances, a watch will stop ticking after exposure to egregiously high electrical currents within the watch-wearer’s body. If you have especially elevated levels of electrical currents within your body or if you have been exposed to electricity, the watch’s battery life could be negatively impacted. In other instances, watches will cease to function when positioned near highly magnetic equipment or certain electronic items. Such phenomena typically occur with quartz watches that function with batteries.

There is not much a Bucks County watch repair team can do for this type of issue. We advise switching to a mechanical or automatic watch that is not operated with a battery. It is also possible to put a plastic barrier like a band aid on the reverse side of the watch where it contacts the skin. Some people with this problem prefer to make use of anti-magnetic watches.

Flawed Manufacturing

watch repair in PAIf you look at the inner workings of a high-quality watch, you will spot little pieces and gears that ensure the watch ticks. It is certainly possible that some of these parts were not installed in the correct manner. If this is the case, the tiny pieces might move to the wrong area, become detached and stop the watch from functioning. Bring your watch in to the Doylestown Gold Exchange to remedy the problem.

Old Age

Some watches cease to function due to old age. Especially old watches become overly dry. Certain parts wear down after years of use. We can replace broken parts with new ones to get your watch back in working order.

Water Damage

It is possible for a drop of water to alter the way your watch functions. If water reaches the diminutive watch gear parts, they will rust and fail to function. Moisture-laden parts must be replaced by professionals with significant watch repair experience.

Physical Damage

After a certain amount of time, physical damage is inevitable with every watch. Give a watch enough time and its gears, wheels or another part will break or become lose due to the repetitive activity.

If you’ve seen these problems with your watch, there’s no time to waste. Bring your damaged watch to the Bucks County watch repair experts at Doylestown Gold Exchange and we will correct the problem to get your timepiece back in tip-top shape.

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