About our Layaway Program

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Fine jewelry is more than a symbol of aesthetic elegance – it embodies deep emotional value. Our flexible layaway program is thoughtfully designed to help you acquire your dream piece without financial worry. Ideal for those who cherish luxury and quality, this program enables you to own exquisite jewelry in a financially manageable way. We ensure that the beauty and sentiment you desire are comfortably within your reach.


Making Fine Jewelry Financially Feasible

Here are the key features of our layaway program designed to make your jewelry purchase accessible and affordable:

  • No upfront deposits: Start your layaway with no initial payment, even on custom jewelry orders.
  • Flexible terms: Choose a layaway plan ranging from 2 to 6 months to suit your budget.
  • Easy monthly payments: Make singular monthly payments throughout your layaway.
  • No hidden requirements: Our process is straightforward and transparent, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Start your journey toward owning exquisite jewelry – affordably. Contact us to design a layaway plan tailored just for you.

Explore Our Layaway-Eligible Jewelry Collections

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of classic pieces or the charm of custom designs, our layaway plans are tailored to accommodate your needs. Here are the types of jewelry that qualify for our layaway program:

  • Fine jewelry: Elevate your collection with our exquisite range of fine jewelry.
  • Estate jewelry: Discover the unique beauty and history embedded in our estate jewelry pieces.
  • Custom engagement rings: Craft the perfect symbol of your love with our custom engagement ring options.
  • Natural & lab-grown diamonds: Choose from traditional natural and lab-grown options.
  • High-end watches: We offer access to a wide array of certified, pre-owned timepieces, including esteemed brands like Rolex and Breitling.

Ready to select your special piece? Visit us today and let us help you design your personalized layaway plan.

Why Choose Our Layaway Program?

Choosing our layaway program means embracing a world of luxury in an affordable package. Here’s why our customers love this program:

  • Flexibility: Tailor the layaway plan that best suits your financial needs.
  • Accessibility: Acquire your dream jewelry without the pressure of immediate full payment.
  • Transparency: No hidden fees or complicated terms.

There’s a world of elegance and beauty to explore. Let us help you acquire your unique piece in a way that fits comfortably in your budget.


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Layaway Program FAQs

What is a layaway program?

A layaway program is a purchase plan that allows you to pay for your jewelry over time. When you choose a piece, it’s reserved for you, and you pay the total cost at intervals. Once fully paid, the item is yours to take home.

Is layaway the same as financing?

No, layaway is not the same as financing. Financing usually involves getting the item immediately and paying it off over time, often with added interest. On the other hand, layaway involves making payments over a few months and receiving the item once fully paid for, without the added interest burden.

How long can I keep an item on layaway?

Our layaway plans are flexible, offering durations ranging from 2 to 6 months. This lets you choose a payment schedule that best fits your financial situation.

Are there any fees associated with the layaway program?

We pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity. Our layaway program comes with no hidden fees. You make your regular payments according to the plan you choose, and that’s it.

Can I use the layaway plan for custom jewelry pieces, like diamond engagement rings?

Absolutely, yes! Our layaway program includes custom jewelry pieces, such as diamond engagement rings. You can design and reserve your dream ring and pay for it throughout the layaway plan, making it easier to manage financially while ensuring you get the personalized piece you or your partner have always wanted.

Say Yes to Affordable Dream Jewelry

Our flexible layaway plan makes purchasing your dream piece financially feasible. Explore our exquisite jewelry collection on our website or visit our store to experience our collections firsthand, receive personalized guidance from our expert staff, and begin setting up your layaway plan. Let us help you make your jewelry dreams a budget-friendly reality!