A New Kind of Jewelry Store

Doylestown Gold Exchange: A New Kind of Jewelry Store

Before opening Doylestown Gold Exchange in 2011, you started to see the landscape of what a traditional jeweler was begin to change as the economy hit a down ward turn and effected the buying habits of its’ customers. There were always local competitors, it was generally a family business serving a large, primarily wealthy multi-generational customer base that routinely purchased luxury jewelry. Then, the 2008 financial crisis hit, and a seismic shift in buying habits occurred. While some people continued purchasing new pieces, others were looking to liquidate their precious metal assets like gold, silver, diamonds, and coins. However, many jewelry stores didn’t buy these items and stuck to their traditional model, so their customers were forced to sell them elsewhere. That’s when we knew a new kind of jewelry store had to emerge.

The Doylestown Gold Exchange started solely as a gold and silver buyer for these customers, but we soon recognized that the industry was changing, so what if we could create a new kind of family-owned jewelry or gold buying store where customers could buy custom engagement rings, fashion pieces, vintage finds and sell their gold, silver, and coins on the spot? This multi-faceted offering would give our customers access to the same trustworthy experts for all their jewelry needs, whether they’re buying or selling.

With this vision in mind, my family and I opened our jewelry store as a place where you can do it all, including:

· Consult with a graduate gemologist

· Buy a custom engagement ring or special piece

· Buy and sell gold and silver jewelry or heirlooms

· Buy and sell investment grade quality coins

Keep reading to learn about these all-inclusive offerings and how they’ve helped us establish a reputation as a new kind of jewelry store with all the buying and selling services you need in an honest and pressure-free environment.

Consult with a graduate gemologist

A jewelry store with a graduate gemologist on staff is the equivalent of a Michelin-star chef, giving you access to a certified jewelry professional with the highest possible education and credentials. These experts are respected and highly trained in diamond grading, gem identification, and gemological knowledge to ensure you get the best price for your jewelry, whether you’re buying or selling. A graduate gemologist is also an expert in jewelry repairs, allowing them to assess valuables with greater accuracy.

Sadly, not all jewelry shops have a graduate gemologist, but we do. Having earned my certification in 2004, I’m proud to serve as your local jewelry expert devoted to the highest standards to maximize your value and confidence in working with us.

Buy a custom engagement ring or special piece

We specialize in making dreams come true. So, whether you’re getting engaged, celebrating a milestone, or treating yourself or someone you cherish to something special, you’ll find the perfect jewelry for the occasion right here. Visit us for everything from custom engagement rings and fine jewelry to high-end watches and unique handmade jewelry.

Buy and sell gold and silver

While you can buy gold and silver at many other jewelry shops, not all buy them from you. In our quest to create a new kind of jewelry store, we’ve expanded beyond selling precious metals to include buying them. However, we’re more transparent with our appraisal and valuation processes than other gold and silver buyers. Rather than whisking your jewelry off to a back room and providing a price without explanation, we inspect your gold and silver in front of you. We explain every step of the process and do our due diligence to ensure we provide the highest possible value. Our commitment to transparency even goes as far as sharing the profit margin we’d stand to gain if we re-sell your piece to another buyer.

Learn more about buying and selling gold, silver, and wholesale diamonds on our website.

Buy and sell coins

Not all jewelry stores buy and sell coins, making it a unique complement to all our other jewelry services – and the feather in our cap on our mission to establish a new kind of jewelry store. So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy source for dealing with coins to diversify or liquidate your portfolio, including numismatics with collector value, we invite you to come and see us.

Here, there’s no pressure to act. Instead, you’ll receive friendly service from jewelry experts who have earned a reputation for honesty and respect, regardless of your budget or circumstance. In addition, our prices are often better than what you’ll find online, and we pay cash on the spot if you choose to sell.

A New Kind of Jewelry Store Emerged

For over a decade, we’ve worked hard to create a new kind of jewelry store you can trust with any jewelry need. We’re proud to say that our unique approach has proved successful, earning us a large customer base bursting with referrals and repeat business. If you’d like to check us out, we’d love to meet you. Request an appointment or stop in to experience a family-owned and operated jewelry store where honesty, integrity, and respect come first.