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Doylestown Gold Exchange: A New Kind of Jewelry Store

Before opening Doylestown Gold Exchange in 2011, you started to see the landscape of what a traditional jeweler was begin to change as the economy hit a down ward turn and effected the buying habits of its’ customers. There were always local competitors, it was generally a family business serving a large, primarily wealthy multi-generational […]

Diamonds are everyones best friend: buying wholesale diamonds in Bucks County, PA

We’ve long been fascinated with the elegance and beauty of diamonds. No other rare stone can quite compare to the permanence and perfection of a well-cut diamond. Perfect to mark the major turning points in our lives or to simply show our appreciation, diamonds continue to remain a symbol of grace, sophistication and unending love. […]

Advantages of Dealing with a Graduate Gemologist

In the world of precious gems, a graduate gemologist is the equivalent of a Michelin star chef. And the Gemological Institute of America – otherwise known as the GIA – is THE school for training experts in the jewelry industry. Gemology education began in the 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1908 that the first […]

A Quick Guide to Diamond Cuts

The world of diamonds is governed by “the four Cs.” There’s color, which actually refers to the lack of color a stone has. One with no color is considered top quality, while a “brown” or “yellow” diamond is a lower standard diamond. There’s carat, which is the weight of the diamond, and clarity, which refers […]