Need jewelry repaired? Come see our experts at Doylestown Gold Exchange!

Spring is a time of new beginnings. With new life peaks out of frosty gardens, it’s a good time of year to think about reinvigorating your jewelry collection. Old and broken jewelry tends to fall to the back of drawers or the bottom of your collection. Don’t let it!

With sustainability at top of mind, giving your old jewelry new life is a great way to support ethical shopping practices. Jewelry repair or redesign is an affordable, sustainable solution to broken and old jewelry. Simple fixes like chain repair, resizing, prong repair, or having your jewelry dipped to change the metal type are great ways to support environmentally friendly shopping practices.

Redesigning old jewelry is a sustainable way to extend its life and your jewelry collection. Like anything, jewelry trends come and go. While styles may fade, sentimentality doesn’t. Consider reworking out-of-date jewelry into new designs to get the best use of those beautiful gems and metal. Many jewelers, like Doylestown Gold Exchange, also are able to supplement designs with new or loose stones that will compliment your design goals.

Small jewelry repairs can help make your favorite jewelry wearable. It can be sad to look at favorite pieces, like engagement rings or inherited jewelry, and leave them on the shelf because they don’t fit or have a small issue. Resizing a ring, for example, is an easy repair that will allow you to enjoy your jewelry again.

There are three ways to resize a ring:

  • Soldering or Cutting

  • Sizing Beads

  • Spring Inserts

Soldering or cutting rings are a great way to add or remove metal to create a seamless sizing adjustment. This is also good for rings that need resizing of any size. Special inscriptions can be preserved with this method of ring size adjustment. Sizing beads are small little metal balls inserted in the inside of the ring band to adjust ring size discrepancies that are smaller than half a size. Finally, spring inserts are good for rings that need to be adjusted up to two sizes.

If the stones in your rings are loose, the prongs that support the stones may just need to be tightened. This will protect your gemstone and increase its longevity.

You don’t need to have purchased your jewelry with Doylestown Gold Exchange for us to repair it! We care about our customers and ensuring that they are able to love and wear their favorite jewelry. With our jewelry repair service, you can trust that your items will be cared for by experts with 15 years of experience, never shipped, and always insured.

Jewelry repair can breathe life into your favorite pieces of jewelry. From inspection and cleaning to replacing lost gemstones, jewelry repair is a great alternative to replacing or disposing of old pieces. Other services included under jewelry repair and maintenance include:

  • Cleaning and polishing

  • Sizing

  • Tightening loose stones

  • Restringing pearls or beads

  • Replacing lost gemstones

  • Fixing or resizing bracelets or necklaces

  • Fixing or replacing chains or clasps

  • Bangle and bracelet hinge repair

  • Soldering cracks in rings or bangles

Doylestown Gold Exchange can help revive your old and broken jewelry with our jewelry repair services. From regular wear and tear to extensive refurbishing, our team of gemologists are experts at providing complete and personal jewelry repair services. Contact us today!