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Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Surging in Popularity

lab-grown diamond

Where do diamonds come from? If you said, “the Earth,” you’re right. And if you said, “a lab,” you are also right. So, what’s the difference? Earth-mined diamonds also referred to as simply ‘mined diamonds,’ have long been the standard for engagement diamonds, diamond earrings, and other diamond-studded treasures. However, new technology has given these “below ground” precious stones a run for their money with the creation of lab-grown diamonds, an “above ground” alternative.

This article will break down a few reasons why lab-grown diamonds have surged in popularity, seeding their place in an incredibly competitive market. First, let’s start with the most common question our customers ask.

Lab-grown diamond engagement ringsAre lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are real. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. They also have the same durability, beauty, and brilliance. Even with a 10x loupe “diamond tester,” a jeweler using a traditional gemological observation and technique cannot tell a lab-grown from an earth-mined diamond. Only a laboratory-trained gemologist with advanced equipment can reliably distinguish them.

5 Reasons people love lab-grown diamonds:

These diamonds are surging in popularity for one simple reason: people love them. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Lab-Grown Diamond Stud EarringsThey are authentic diamonds.
    There’s nothing artificial about lab-grown diamonds. They feature the same chemical and physical properties as earth-mined diamonds. You’d need to be a laboratory-trained gemologist with highly advanced equipment to distinguish the difference between a lab-grown and a mined diamond.
  2. They are exceptionally high quality.
    The 4 Cs govern diamond quality: clarity, color, carat weight, and cut. Compare a lab-grown diamond side-by-side with a similar mined diamond, and the chances are high that the lab-grown stone rates higher in all four categories. This phenomenon is because mined diamonds have ingrained impurities from their growing environment, whereas lab-grown diamonds form in controlled environments, lending more purity.
  3. They are cost-effective.
    Another reason why lab-grown diamonds have made a name for themselves is that they’re easier on the pocketbook than mined diamonds. These high-quality stones make diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, and other diamond jewelry more affordable without sacrificing quality.
  4. They allow you to purchase a bigger diamond for the same budget.
    Because lab-grown diamonds cost less than their mined alternatives, you can get a bigger diamond for a comparable price. When creating custom diamond engagement rings or diamond earrings and size matters to you, consider lab-grown diamonds for a spectacular showstopping piece.
  5. They are environmentally sustainable.
    Beyond authenticity, quality, and price, there’s another reason why lab-grown diamonds are gaining traction: they’re easier on the planet’s natural resources. Without having to displace upwards of 100,000 pounds of Earth to mine a one-carat diamond, it takes less precious energy to create diamonds in a lab.

To learn more about why lab-grown diamonds have become so popular, check out our article on the benefits of lab-grown diamonds.

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