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Authorized Rolex Watch Repairs at Doylestown Gold Exchange!

Doylestown Gold Exchange is a proud authorized Rolex parts center. With our genuine pieces and parts, our team can repair many common and unique watch issues. From battery replacement to water damage, our watch services cater to providing exceptionally high-quality watch repairs.

The 6 most common watch issues we encounter are:

• Dead battery
• High electrical currents
• A flaw in the mechanics
• Old age
• Water damage
• Physical damage

As an authorized Rolex parts center, Doylestown Gold Exchange is uniquely positioned to be able to restore and repair these issues in watches. Our graduate gemologist, Greg Glemser, can help identify issues and Doylestown Gold Exchange’s expert watch repairman will make recommendations to repair and service your watch/

During the restoration and repair, your luxury watch is insured. We offer this additional layer of protection to our clients so that they can feel comfortable knowing their watch is in good hands. All repairs are done locally, as such your watch is never shipped. This further allows us to protect your watch during repair services.

Watch repairs our team can make include:

• Replace watch batteries
• Repair broken crystals
• Fix broken bands
• Restore time-damaged watches
• Overhaul watches including luxury brands like Rolex and Omega.

Watches can span many generations. Ensuring that they are properly cared for while it is in your care is key to that longevity. Below are five care tips to extend the life of your watch.

1. Clean your watch. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the band and crystal to remove dust and dirt. If your watch is water-resistant and water-tight use a damp cloth to remove any hard to remove grime.
2. Store your watch properly. If possible, use the box your watch came in to store your timepiece. If not, consider purchasing a small watch storage box to protect the crystal and wrist band.
3. Avoid exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Remove your watch if you’re cleaning or applying body products such as sunscreen, perfume or cologne, or lotion. To protect your watch, ensure that the products are dry before putting your watch back on.
4. Avoid magnets. Magnets can negatively impact the accuracy of watches.
5. Safeguard the crystal. While wearing your watch try to be conscious of guarding your watch against banging into walls, tables, and drawers. It’s easy for watches to scuff or become damaged through everyday wear-and-tear.

Proper care and maintenance are key to avoiding extensive watch repair. Sometimes, however, accidents happen! As a purveyor of genuine pieces and parts, Doylestown Gold Exchange is proud to be your partner in watch servicing and watch repair. As an authorized Rolex parts center, we have access to the highest quality pieces available.

To learn more about our watch repair services, and to schedule a free estimate, contact us.