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Lafonn Jewelry Line​

Lafonn Jewelry Line

Lafonn is a jewelry line that specializes in creating pieces that are both luxurious and timeless. They believe that every woman, of any age, ethnicity or lifestyle should be able to own a stunning piece of jewelry that fits her personality and style. Which is why we’ve chosen to carry their jewelry line at Doylestown Gold Exchange! Their collections are made with you in mind. They’re known to create pieces that are incredibly luxurious, all the while maintaining an affordable price point.

Their pieces are crafted with a combination of precious metals and gemstones, giving each piece a look that’s both elegant and timeless. Not to mention their holiday special sets are something to keep your eye on! These pieces include their solitaire set, lab-grown sapphire set, and halo set. Make this gift-giving season one to remember.

Molly Wang CEO, launched LAFONN in 2010 with a singular mission to empower women through style and self-confidence with beautifully-crafted, affordable jewelry.