We Repair Watches

Expert Watch RepairDoylestown Gold Exchange is a full-service jewelry store that handles a variety of services. We purchase gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, costume jewelry, rings, broken jewelry, coins and much more. We also offer expert jewelry repair, including watches.

Jewelry Repair

Do you have some broken jewelry pieces lying around? Don’t let beautiful items go to waste just because they need some attention. We can do everything from ring resizing to simple solders. We have the tools to supply and set loose stones, fix clasps and more. Bring your favorites jewelry pieces back to life! We take care of all repairs in our shop. Any type of jewelry service you need, Doylestown Gold Exchange can handle it.

Watch Repair

That includes full-service, expert watch repairs. Do you need a battery change? Missing a stone? Need a basic crystal repair? We’ve got it covered. Even if you feel your watch needs a total overhaul, our local watch repairman has years of experience in bringing timepieces back to working order. Whether you have an inexpensive timepiece or something high-end like a Rolex or an Omega model, our expert watch repairman has the knowledge to navigate the next step.

We make sure to offer all of our services at competitive prices. As a local business, it’s a priority to make our repairs an affordable value for our customers. We have over 15 years of jewelry repair experience. That also ensures that we are able to repair your pieces in a timely fashion. To guarantee your satisfaction, we provide you with a detailed description of your item and the work to be done.

Also, your items are insured while they are in our care. We will never ship your items. All our repairs are done by a local watch repairman. Each piece is hand-delivered to our shop. We service the local Doylestown area such as, Warrington, Buckingham, Solebury, New Hope, Chalfont, along with more distant locations. Please stop in and see if we can help.

What Doylestown Gold Exchange Buys

We also buy and sell timepieces, among other things. Besides precious metals, watches and jewelry, Doylestown Gold Exchange trades many items of value. As you look through your old or broken jewelry, you may discover pieces you’d like to sell. We’re happy to appraise a variety of valuables for a competitive rate.

You never know how much money you have hiding around at home. Do you or your relatives have a collection of costume jewelry? Even if your jewelry is not made of precious metals or stones, it still may be worth more than you think! We charge no fees to appraise and look through costume jewelry. Think twice about tossing something in the trash! That old necklace or ring may earn you a pretty penny!

We also purchase high-end handbags. As you begin your Spring cleaning, you may discover some purses that that are slightly used. We are interested in seeing your Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Coach, Dooney and Burke and any other designer handbags. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a potentially lucrative and free evaluation. A receipt for the item, if you have it, may also raise the potential value.

Doylestown Gold Exchange and Jewelers is happy to provide you with a variety of needs. Be sure to think of us for your next jewelry or watch repair. And as always, we’re happy to evaluate many items of value for purchase. We are happy to see you without an appointment and answer all questions. Stop by today!