Buying and Selling Diamonds

Buying and Selling DiamondsYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It all begins with one big purchase. Searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. But with some advice from a professional gemologist you can get informed to make the right decisions for the perfect proposal.

A diamond engagement ring can be a valuable investment. Many people think that diamonds are overpriced. They worry about losing money on such a significant purchase. Doylestown Gold Exchange and Jewelers is a small family business that makes it a priority to offer competitive pricing.

Speaking with a Graduate Gemologist from the Doylestown Gold Exchange can alleviate your concerns. They’ll help you determine if you want to start with a loose diamond to create a custom engagement ring or choose a traditional ring that’s already been mounted. Do you know how many carats you’d prefer? Cusher Cut or Asscher? We provide professional guidance right here in Bucks Country and Doylestown so you can discover the ideal purchase for your price range. With just a few tips, you can confidently start looking for a beautiful ring.

If you decide to create a custom engagement ring, you’ll leave with exactly what you want. We’ll guide through the process of the choosing the right diamond and setting, showing you drawings and developing a wax mounting so you can get a feel of your ring before we create it.

Whether you go for a custom ring or a pre-mounted engagement ring you’ll want be informed about the 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, color and carat. These traits will be your guide to assess diamond value, and are used to grade diamonds in the jewelry industry.


The cut of your diamond will determine its beauty and sparkle. This characteristic will have the greatest influence on your purchase. Consider splurging on cut above other features within your budget.


Clarity is the measure of imperfections in your diamond. Most imperfections are unnoticeable without a microscope. These flaws tend to have the smallest effect on the appearance of the stone. Try to select an “eye-clean” diamond, these have no imperfections that are viewable by the human eye through the crown of the stone, and are much more affordable than rare flawless diamonds.


In the diamond industry, color refers to whiteness, or lack of color in your stone. Color grades range from D (perfectly colorless) to grade Z (noticeable coloring). The more colorless diamond is, the higher its color grade.

Carat Weight

Carat measures a diamond’s weight, but may not by itself accurately determine a diamond’s size. Most tend to evaluate a diamond size by viewing it from the top. Be sure to examine the stone from all angles to get an accurate idea of size and how it will look once it’s set and mounted. Weight alone is hard to measure without context. Be sure to also consider carat by knowing the distance in millimeter across of the top of the diamond (where most will view it) and the diamond’s cut grade (the most important characteristic of a diamond).


Though not a “C”, the shape of your diamond is another important trait to consider as you search for the ideal ring. Many women may already have a shape preference. Traditionally diamonds are round, popularized by their light behavior for optimal brilliance. The most popular non-round diamond shape is called the Princess cut, which is square with rounded corners. Other shapes to consider are Emerald, Asscher, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Radiant and Heart.

Once you’ve selected the right loose diamond for your budget, you’ll look into right setting. The setting will hold your diamond. Your setting can be made from a number of precious metals including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tungsten or Palladium. These two elements, your diamond and your stone, make up your engagement ring. Shopping with the guidance of a gem expert will make the process easy. Your perfect engagement ring is waiting. Say yes to discovering exactly what you’re looking for at Doylestown Gold Exchange today. Please call us anytime with questions or to have a one-on-one diamond engagement ring appointment!