Key Tips on Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Tips on Gold and Silver Coins and BarsFrom nearly the beginning of human history, precious metals like gold and silver have been treasured for their beauty and desirability. Stories about King Midas, golden geese, and silver linings have been passed down to us over the centuries. And, even during the past two centuries, thousands died in California, the Yukon, and elsewhere as they unsuccessfully pursued dreams of striking it rich by locating the “motherlode.” In this article, we wanted to share with you some key tips on gold and silver coins and bars.

Although gold and silver have long been the essential components of jewelry and other adornments, these metals have also been mainstays as the underlying support for currencies. In years past, even the United States Dollar has been based entirely on gold or silver as its fundamental value.

And, today, modern industry and technology companies buy gold and silver for specific and vital uses due to certain attributes.

Besides being beautiful, why have gold and silver been considered so valuable for so long?  The reason: These metals are scarce and extremely difficult to locate and extract.

Our Tips on Gold and Silver Coins and Bars:

Markets for Gold and Silver

Gold and silver, much like equity shares, currencies, and many other commodities are traded on public exchanges where the forces of supply and demand determine metal values. As demand increases without a corresponding increase in supply, the cost to buy gold and silver goes up.

Historically, these metals act as a “safe haven” for investors who, in uncertain times, have lost confidence in other investments. Should the stock market trend downward, for example, due to a drop in confidence, many investors will buy gold and silver to hedge against expected losses in other investments.

During the past 100 years, for example, gold values peaked in 1934 during the Great Depression, in 1974 toward the end of the Vietnam War, 1980 as inflation reached 13.5%, and again in 2011 when the nation was trying to recover from the Recession of 2008-2009.

Trading Coins vs. Bars

For centuries, gold and silver have been used as currencies throughout the world. Coins from these metals have been collected, saved, and traded in throughout history. And, even now, special editions of coins are being bought and traded.

On the other hand, many choose to buy gold and silver bars in various sizes or denominations.

Both formats offer certain advantages when you sell or buy gold and silver.

Sell or Buy Gold and Silver Coins

When you collect, save, or buy gold and silver coins, you benefit from:

  • Liquidity: You can sell or buy gold and silver coins in small or large quantities at any time. For the trader who closely follows the market, timing those trades right can be profitable.
  • Numismatic Potential: When you buy gold or silver coins, you can factor in the coins’ numismatic value. Rare coins have both a collectors’ value as well as their precious metal content.

Sell or Buy Gold and Silver Bars

When you collect, save, or buy gold and silver bars, you benefit from:

  • Easier Acquisition and Sales: Gold bars allow you to sell or buy gold and silver quickly and in significant quantities.
  • Cost-per-ounce for the same fineness is usually less with bars than with coins.
  • Bars do not have to be maintained in “mint” condition to preserve the stamping and graphics, as coins do, to hold their value.

Where to Sell or Buy Gold and Silver Assets

The essential element to remember as you sell or buy gold and silver is to work with a reputable rare metals dealer like Doylestown Gold Exchange in Doylestown, PA.  Too often, people who wish to sell or buy gold or silver quickly will head to a local pawnshop or small coin shop and are later dissatisfied with their return.

For the highest return when you sell or buy gold and silver, contact a longstanding and reputable exchange company that sets pricing according to the current spot market at competitive premiums. These companies deal in higher volumes, can charge less, and have the capability to test each item for purity, ensuring that both parties receive fair value for the transaction.

To sell and buy gold or silver coins, bars, jewelry, or other, contact Doylestown Gold Exchange, serving clients throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

For more information and tips on gold and silver coins and bars, you can phone Doylestown Gold Exchange at +1-215-345-6630.

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