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Gold and Silver Prices Skyrocket

There are a number of reasons why gold and silver prices are predicted  to rise, and why it may be a good time to consider  buying selling gold and silver. Many worldwide forces are in play which can have a major impact on the price of precious metals, and that means now may be a good time to look at the market. If you’re looking to buy and sell gold and silver,  consider us at , Doylestown Gold Exchange. Here are some of the factors that are making this a very interesting time for silver and gold prices.

The Oil Market of Ties To the Precious Metals Market

Oftentimes fluctuations in the oil market influence the precious metals market.  The oil market, many believe is currently in flux. The global pandemic has drastically reduce the demand for oil. An oil surplus drops the price. Low oil prices can drown out the demand for competing/alternative energy sources such as natural gas.  When the demand swings oil prices can escalate quickly and destabilize the market. Some investors are counting on that and flocking to the precious metals market ahead of such market movements.

Worldwide Trade Fluctuations

Most seasoned economists believe the U.S. will try to devalue the dollar, to make domestic companies more competitive against foreign companies. The experts also understand that gold and silver generally have an inverse relationship to the dollar, so as it gets devalued, gold and silver will increase in value. Hence, making this a food time to explore buying  and selling gold and silver.

Increasing expenditures, decreasing revenues 

The American national debt is increasing at a and increased rate given the pandemic rate, stimulus initiatives for recovery from coronavirus have added significantly to that total debt. According to, the real numbers on what the US owes go beyond the $19 trillion dollars in straight debt.

Increases in economic debt often cause fluctuations in the price of silver and gold.  With markets unsure it is usually a sign that precious metals will continue to rise. It is times like these that investors consider the precious metals market.

Why is investment demand rising?

The silver price tends to rise along with gold prices, which usually climbs when economic or market concerns are present. Historically in times of economic uncertainty, market turbulence, or political conflict, investors turn to gold and silver as a hedge against the risks. Since there are now numerous financial and other risks around the world, demand for both metals is starting to rise and have a good chance to continue to do so