The Process of Selling Gold at Doylestown Gold Exchange

selling gold in PAIn today’s economy people are looking for ways to raise funds quickly to pay the medical bills, the mortgage bills, or an unexpected expense that popped up.  One way to raise funds quickly is to think about selling gold, silver, platinum or any precious metal.

As of September 2016, gold and silver have jumped up a lot and that is great for people who are selling these metals.  As gold hits $1300 and silver is over $19 per ounce, customers are getting a lot more money then they were just  few months ago.  Doylestown Gold Exchange, was recently voted for the third year in a row as the Best in Bucks and Montgomery counties for the best gold and precious metals buyer.

Serving Doylestown & Bucks County PA

As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in offering our customers fair market price without the pressure to sell.  We have been voted the best for three years in a row, and that is because our customers are happy with the way we treat them and how we priced their items they wanted to sell..

The process is simple, there is no pressure to sell and we will appraise your items at no charge to you. With a graduate gemologist on staff, we have the education and experience to make sure you are getting the best offer at fair market value.  We are open 6  days a week, we know the market, and we know what to pay for gold, silver and platinum.

Selling Gold, Silver & Jewelry

First step is to bring in gold jewelry, silver jewelry, silver flatware or anything you feel has value into our store located at 812 N. Easton Road Doylestown, PA.  When you are in the store we will do all of our testing right in front of you and separate the items into the different precious metals and explain the process as we go along.

Next, we will look to see if there is anything we can resell in the store, which means if we find a piece we like, we will pay you above the scrap value which puts more cash for your gold and silver in your pocket.  We will also look to see if there are diamonds or gemstones we can pay you for before we weight and price.  The final step is to weight the items and price.  We always have all the metals prices posted in our store and we also have them on the home page of the Doylestown Gold Exchange website.

After we do all this work, you then decide if you would like to sell the items.  If you do want to sell, we give you a receipt and either cash or check.  We also follow all the laws of Bucks County.  We take pride in following the laws of Bucks County and giving our customers the best possible customer service when they are in our store.  With the loyal customers we have who recommend us, we want to live up to our reputation as trustworthy, reputable, and honest with superior customer service.

Buy & Sell Gold in PA

Please stop in our store anytime, or contact us for a special appointment time that works for you.  We are in the business of buying & selling gold and silver, and will do our best to make it a great visit to our store, and pay you the most for your gold, silver, and platinum!