Antique Road Show Event at Doylestown Gold Exchange

Antique Road Show Event: buying and selling goldOn Wednesday night of September 28th, Doylestown Gold Exchange held its first Antique Road Show at the store.

The event was a huge success as the people started lining up a half-hour before the event started. There was a full line of people until 7:00. The event was live streamed on Facebook, and you can see a recording of the video on our Facebook page.

Doylestown Gold Exchange teamed up with Mike Ivankovich, a downsizing specialist and auctioneer.  Mike has written books on how to downsize and he helps appraise items to steer his clients in the right direction when trying to sell their valuables. He is also the host of the “What’s It Worth?” appraisal radio show, which airs mornings from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. on WBCB 1490 AM.

Doylestown Gold Exchange, operated by graduate gemologist Greg Glemser, prides themselves on buying and selling gold, silver, diamonds, and coins by offering their customers fair market values without any pressure to sell.  They also just found out that they were voted The Best Gold and Precious Metals buyers in Bucks and Montgomery counties for the third straight year. They test all the gold and any other items you bring to them in front of you and then make you an offer on the spot.

At the Antique Road Show event, people brought gold, silver and coins, which Doylestown Gold Exchange appraises and buys from our customers. If you have coins that you would like us to appraise and purchase, read more about this service, call us to schedule an appointment, or just stop by our location to meet us in person.

Today people are looking to sell items for needed cash, help liquidate estates, or are downsizing and they need to find reliable people to help them.  That is how Doylestown Gold Exchange separates themselves from everyone else, as they work with good reputable people like Mike Ivankovich who have experience in areas that they are not 100% familiar with. They also have other experts in antique firearms, baseball cards, and musical instruments, so if you bring something in that they can’t buy, they can lead you in the right direction.

Doylestown Gold Exchange is also a full service jewelry store as the do jewelry repairs, watch repairs, custom diamond engagement rings, and $5 watch batteries.  There is no other place like the Gold Exchange and now with an Antiques Road Show, once again they separate themselves from the competition as a family owned and operated business in the Bucks County area.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to visit our website, call them at 215-345-6630 or stop in anytime to ask questions.

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