The Advantages of Buying Engagement Rings Near the Holidays

best time to buy an engagement ring

It’s a question that comes up a lot in our industry:

When is the best time to buy an engagement ring?

The only way we can answer that question is like this: “The right time to buy an engagement ring is when you know you’ve found the right person to give it to.”

Beyond that, there are certain advantages to buying engagement rings around the holidays, or really, any time of year.

Before Christmas

In the weeks before Christmas, many businesses are offering sales and discounts, all of them vying for treasured holidays shoppers.

Start your search early enough to give yourself time to think about your purchase. You might also find there’s a larger selection of rings to choose from.

After Christmas (but before Valentine’s Day)

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two of the most popular days for proposals, so if you begin your search for a ring just after Christmas – in late December or early January – you’ll be able to beat the pre-February 14 rush.

Spring and Summer

Planning to pop the question on a spring or summer getaway? Take the pressure off yourself by shopping during the post-Valentine’s period. You won’t have to contend with larger crowds and vendors will be able to give you more attention.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

No discussion of the best time to buy an engagement ring is complete without the post-Thanksgiving shopping weekend. There are often significant discounts to be found this time of year.

But no matter what time of year you decide is the best time to buy an engagement ring, there are certain rules you should follow:

1. Study the “4 Cs”

The “4Cs” is a global standard created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for assessing the quality of a diamond. They are:

  • Color – The less color in a diamond, the rarer and more valuable
  • Cut – How well the stone unleashes light
  • Clarity – The absence or presence of blemishes and inclusions
  • Carat weight – This determines the diamond’s size

Once you understand the four Cs, ask yourself which factor is the most important to you.

2. Choose your shape

This may be even more important than the 4Cs. The shape refers to the actual geometry of the stone. Try to get an idea of the shape your partner loves before you buy. Many couples ring shop together these days, so you may already have some notion of what they like/dislike.

3. Metal and setting

The right setting – this is the metal frame the diamond is mounted on – can do a lot for the ring. Your jeweler can advise you on which stones go with which settings.

The choice of metal is important as well. For example: Does your partner have sensitive skin? Consider platinum, which is hypoallergenic but also durable.

4. Work with your budget

The conventional wisdom used to be that an engagement ring should cost you three month’s salary. We’re not sure that’s still true. Just buy the nicest ring you can find without getting saddled with debt.

5. Work with a professional

Search for a trusted jeweler when you begin your search. Pick someone who has been accredited by the Jewelers of America or is a member of the GIA, for example.

Are you shopping for a new diamond engagement ring? Visit Doylestown Gold Exchange, where owner Greg Glemser uses his GIA training to help customers find the right rings for them.

Remember, the only “right” time to buy an engagement ring is when you feel ready to do so. Stop in today to find the ring that’s perfect for your loved one.

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