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How to Pick the Right Ring Size

determine ring size

When we think of a marriage proposal, we think of romance, one partner getting down on one knee in a crowded restaurant or a busy city street, holding an engagement ring and ready to pop the question.

At the same time, there’s a lot of logistics involved. You might find yourself ticking off items on a mental checklist before you ask the person you love to marry you:

  • Found the right time to propose? Check.
  • Picked the perfect engagement spot? Check.
  • Determine ring size? That one’s a little trickier.

It’s especially tricky when you’re hoping to surprise your significant other. After all, it’s tough to date someone for a few months, ask them “By the way, what size ring do you wear?” and have them wonder what might be going on.

1. Check one of her rings

Find a ring that she wears fairly often and bring it to the jeweler to determine ring size. Just be sure that it’s a ring that she typically wears on her ring finger. You’ll want to use a ring that she may not notice that you’ve borrowed, otherwise your ruse will come apart pretty quickly.

If you’re not comfortable lifting a ring from your girlfriend’s collection – even if it is for a noble reason – you could always trace one of her rings on a piece of paper, drawing a circle inside and outside the ring. Do this a few times for consistency’s sake.

2. The “gift for someone else” trick

Again, this one requires a little bit of subterfuge. Tell your girlfriend you want to buy a ring for your mom or your sister, and casually ask her what size ring she wears so you have a reference point. (This trick really only works if your girlfriend’s hands are a similar size.)

You can take things a step further by actually buying an inexpensive ring to try on. (“If it fits you, it will probably fit my sister.”)

3. Talk to her friends

Your girlfriend’s friends might have some insight into her ring size. If not, they might be able to “casually” ask her size, or even take a “just for fun” visit to a jewelry store where they get professionally sized. Once the friends have that info, they can report back to you.

4. Take an educated guess

Women’s ring sizes usually range between 3 and 9, although the most commonly ordered sizes are between 5 and 7. (For men, sizes range between 8 and 14 with 9 being the most popular size.)

5. Just ask them

If you and your partner are at the point where you’ve been discussing getting married, there’s no harm in just asking them their ring size. It’s the easiest way to determine ring size, although it does let them know a proposal is coming. But don’t worry; you can still surprise them with when/where/how you’ll ask them to marry you.

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