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Old Coins: Five with the Highest Returns

Coin collecting is a more than $100 billion a year industry worldwide and $10 billion in the United States alone. It’s patriotic, a way to store wealth and help grandparents connect with their grandchildren. If you are into numismatics, here are five old coins that will bring in the most returns for your time and […]

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Selling A Coin Collection? Read These Tips First!

Here’s a word to the wise: If you have a coin collection you’d like to sell, it’s always prudent to tread carefully. Because while the condition of you coins is certainly critical, so to is the quality of buyer you bring them to. The majority of coin dealers, of course, are honest and reputable businessmen, […]

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Why We Buy Coins and Appraise Coin Collections

According to Greg Glemser, a graduate gemologist and one of the three co-owners of Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers, the customers who come into his shop with coin collections in tow almost always arrive with some variation of the same question: “What exactly do I have here?” How Do You Know What Your Coin Collections […]

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Three Tips for Buying and Selling Coins

“Reality” television programs have been wildly successful for decades, with none more popular than The History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The series, which is the network’s highest rated show, is filmed on location at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show depicts the staff’s interactions with customers who bring […]