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Your Family’s Treasures: Finding Estate Jewelry Appraisal in Bucks County

Your mother’s engagement ring… Your grandmother’s brooch… Your great-grandmother’s earrings… Pieces of jewelry like these are your family’s treasurers. In a way, they’re invaluable, because they connect you to your lost loved ones. But there may come a time when you need to put an actual price on your jewelry.  In some cases, it’s for […]

Who Watches Your Watches? We Do!

Apple may have its Apple Watch, and a lot of you may use your cell phones to check the time, but there will always be a place for the wristwatch. And let’s be honest: a watch that lets you talk to people, listen to music, monitor your heart rate and check the stock market is […]

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Should I Buy Gold Bullion Bars or Gold Bullion Coins in Bucks County?

If you’ve been thinking about investing some of your hard-earned money into gold, as so many people seem to be doing these days, you may be wondering what form of gold bullion you should purchase. That is, should you buy bars or coins? Ultimately, the decision is up to you, although there are a number […]

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Is Now A Good Time To Buy Gold?

According to Michael J. Kosares, one of the country’s foremost gold experts and the author of numerous books on the gold market, gold should essentially be thought of as ‘wealth insurance.’ “You cannot approach [gold] the way you approach stock or real estate investments,” Kosares says. “Timing is not the real issue. The first question […]

Is Now A Good Time To Sell Gold?

Unless you happen to be a fairly economically secure individual—someone, for instance, with a broad range of financial investments—you’re probably not in the habit of staying up to date on the fluctuations in the gold market. And if you don’t have a few dozen gold bullion bars stashed away in a security vault somewhere, why […]

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Need Extra Cash? Why Not Host a Gold Party?

You’re probably familiar with the Tupperware parties your mother or grandmother may have had in the 1980s, or perhaps the more modern Pampered Chef parties. These events were designed to get friends together for fun, food, and some profit for the hostess. The newest twist on these entrepreneurial efforts are gold parties. With these parties, […]

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Selling A Coin Collection? Read These Tips First!

Here’s a word to the wise: If you have a coin collection you’d like to sell, it’s always prudent to tread carefully. Because while the condition of you coins is certainly critical, so to is the quality of buyer you bring them to. The majority of coin dealers, of course, are honest and reputable businessmen, […]

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Investing In Gold

Gold is a great way to get ahead financially, and it makes a marvelous investment that you can appreciate wherever you are. For a lot of people, owning gold can be one of the most satisfying types of investments, bar none. When you want to get ahead and grow your wealth, gold can be a […]

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Doesn’t the woman in your life deserve fine jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

We’re all more than familiar with the perils of the best-known Valentine’s Day gift-giving clichés: Surprise your better half with a box of chocolates, say, or a plush teddy bear clutching a single red rose on the evening of February 14, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a less-than-enthusiastic reception come […]

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Now at Doylestown Gold: A vintage Fender Jaguar guitar for sale

Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers has just acquired a vintage Fender Jaguar guitar. This is an incredibly cool instrument. It’s also a rather rare guitar, and a true collector’s showpiece. The Fender Jaguar was produced for 13 years, beginning in 1962. It introduced a number of sonic features that were designed to lure guitar players […]