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Selling Gold Jewelry as the Market Rises

cash for gold jewelry Bucks County PA

The price of gold has been on the upswing recently.  The markets put it at $1,259 per ounce as we were posting.

Seeing these prices might make you want to rush out and sell your gold jewelry, but like any business transaction, this is one that requires some thought and research.

If you’re interesting in getting cash for gold in Bucks County, here are a few steps you should take before you sell.

Know your buyer

If you’re not working with a local buyer, do some research, and certify and insure any pieces to protect yourself against loss and theft. You can visit the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are complaints against the buyer.

Have an appraisal done

An independent appraiser can tell you the replacement, insurance and sell values of your gold. Look for a licensed appraiser who is an accredited member of organizations like the Gemological Institute of America or the American Society of Appraisers.

Know that gold quality varies

Not all gold is the same karat. Pure gold is typically 24-karat, but is too soft to be used practically, and is combined with other metals. Most gold jewelry is 14 or 18 karat. The deeper the orange-yellow color of the gold, the higher the karat.

Storefronts are your friend

Look for dealers that have a storefront, and an established reputation. The more permanent the location, the better.

Shop around

Nowhere is it written in stone – or better yet, etched in gold – that you need to take the first offer that comes along. Get bids from a few different buyers. Assuming you’ve gotten an appraisal, you have a good idea of your gold’s value.

Think about what you’re selling

If you have a gold coin, the coin might be worth more than its gold content, meaning you may need to talk with a dealer who specializes in coins.

Be realistic

Chances are that you won’t get rich selling gold. But you might put some extra money in your pocket.

If you’re looking to get cash for gold in Bucks County and are seeking reputable dealer, contact Doylestown Gold Exchange, voted Bucks County’s best precious metals buyer in 2014 and 2015. We will appraise your items — whether it’s gold, silver, coins or jewelry —  and offer you a price at the fair market value.

We can make house calls, and set up private appointments. Our commitment is to always work with our customers so in the end they are happy as they leave the store