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Is Now A Good Time To Sell Gold?

sell gold Bucks County PA Unless you happen to be a fairly economically secure individual—someone, for instance, with a broad range of financial investments—you’re probably not in the habit of staying up to date on the fluctuations in the gold market. And if you don’t have a few dozen gold bullion bars stashed away in a security vault somewhere, why should you, right? Well … that’s not necessarily the case. And here’s why: Gold has lately been trading at record highs. And if you’re like most people, you may have more access to potentially valuable gold items than you realize. Of course, as is the case with the rest of the world’s major commodities markets, the price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis. But since 2010, the price of gold has barely dropped below $1,200 an ounce, which is roughly what it’s trading at right now.

When Gold Is Overpriced, You Might Want to Sell

At the time of this writing, gold’s price per ounce was exactly $1,192.23. At various points over the past two years, the per-ounce rate has risen as high as $1,800. For just one ounce!
sell gold

At the moment, gold is actually more expensive than platinum, even though platinum is roughly 15 times rarer than gold, and as such, is generally more expensive than gold. Because of this, many market watchers assume the price of gold is due to take a dip sometime soon. That means you’ll want to sell your gold now, before the prices drop.

Do You Have Easy Access to Gold?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a decent chance that at least a few pieces of old and unwanted jewelry, or maybe some scrap gold, are floating around your home at this very moment. And given the current rates, a couple of gold chains—or perhaps an old gold ring or a pendant—could very easily bring you one seriously substantial payday.

As most any investor will tell you, needing a bit of quick cash is a perfectly acceptable reason to sell your gold, “even if the market conditions aren’t optimal,” as an article on the website Sell Gold HQ puts it. “When we look at your situation from a personal-budget perspective rather [than] from an investing perspective,” the article continues, “we have to acknowledge that sometimes, the gold you own can serve as a fallback option during tough times.”

So … Should You Definitely Sell Your Gold Now?

Please don’t misunderstand: If you’re an investor who closely follows financial trends, we’re not necessarily suggesting that you unload every last ounce of gold you currently own. Some experts, for instance, will tell you that the price of gold is actually low right now, relative to the monetary base. Others will tell you that because our country’s “real interest rates” (the nominal rate of interest minus inflation) are currently negative, gold prices will probably continue rising. But those fluctuations aren’t likely to make much of a financial difference unless you’re selling some very substantial weight. If it’s just an antique gold watch or vintage gold flatware you’re thinking about selling, we’d say that the time is probably right. We invite you to bring any gold items into our Bucks County store for a detailed evaluation. We’ll take the time to assess your items, explain to you what you have, and then make an offer at that day’s price. Click to learn more about our gold buying and gold selling services, or simply give us a call or stop by the store. We’re at 812 N. Easton Road, in the Cross Keys Plaza in Doylestown, PA.