Need Extra Cash? Why Not Host a Gold Party?

host a gold party Bucks County PAYou’re probably familiar with the Tupperware parties your mother or grandmother may have had in the 1980s, or perhaps the more modern Pampered Chef parties. These events were designed to get friends together for fun, food, and some profit for the hostess.

The newest twist on these entrepreneurial efforts are gold parties. With these parties, guests can make some money rather than spending it, so they’ll be eager to attend.

Hosting a gold party is simple to do. Just get a group of friends together to come to your house with their unwanted gold. Most people have old or broken pieces of jewelry tucked away in a drawer or jewelry box and forgotten. If they bring these items to your party, not only will they have a good time getting together with friends, they could also leave with extra money in their pockets. People are often surprised at how much they’re able to receive for their gold.

How We Can Help

If you’re interested in a gold party to help put some money in your pocket—and in the pocket’s of your friends—Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers can help. You’ll be able to sell gold yourself, of course, and you’ll also receive an additional 10 percent of the value of any gold we buy from others at your party.

We’ll come to the party in any area, so you won’t have to worry about mailing gold off to a company in another part of the country and wondering if you’ll ever hear back from them. We’re a trustworthy, family-owned company and have hosted parties all throughout the area, including in Warrington, Plumstead, Doylestown, Jamison, Newtown, Dublin, and many other locations.

These tips will help you plan a successful gold party:

Plan as you would for a traditional party

People love to get together to eat and drink, so be sure to have plenty of snacks and beverages on hand for your guests.

Doylestown Gold Exchange will even help defray the cost by contributing $10 toward food and beverages for each guest who sells to us.

Make sure to explain the purpose of the party to your guests

Many may not be familiar with the idea of a gold party, so as you send invitations, make sure you explain exactly what it is. Invite your guests at least a week in advance so they’ll have plenty of time to find their unwanted gold. They may even want to ask other friends or relatives if they’d like to come, or if they’d like to just send their gold along.

Explain to your guests that they could very well leave with money in their pockets, and that it’s not important that the items be in good condition. The important thing is the gold content. We’ll make an offer for the gold we’d like to buy, and your guests can decide if they’d like to sell.

Give your guests some idea of what to bring

You may want include a list of possible gold items to bring, such as:

 Rings, including class rings
• Earrings, including single ones or pairs
• Necklaces and charms
• Key chains
• Cufflinks
• Tie tacks
• Dental gold

These are just some examples of what we buy. Tell your guests if they’re unsure if an item is gold, bring it anyway, and we’ll test it to see.

Think broadly

While your friends can make great guests for a gold party, it can also pay to think more broadly. You could invite coworkers or members of a club or business organization that you belong to. You could also turn the party into a fund-raiser for your church, or your child’s school or athletic team—the possibilities are endless! Once you host a party for one group, you may want to reach out to another. Each party means more fun, more money for your guests or their non-profit organization, and more money for you.

If you’re interested in hosting a gold party, call us at 215-345-6630, or contact us online, and we’ll help you get started. We also buy silver and other valuables, so talk to us at Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers about expanding your party to include these items to make even more money.