Investment Tips: Why You Should Buy Gold & Silver

The wake of the 2016 presidential election saw record gains on the stock market. The Dow leapt past 21,000, and the price of gold and silver saw impressive runs of their own.

But despite the news coming out of Wall Street, people are still nervous, and looking for ways to diversify as they invest.

And one of the best and oldest ways you can invest your money is by purchasing gold and silver. It’s one of the oldest – and best – ways of investing your money: an investment you can hold in your hands.

If you’re thinking about buying gold in Doylestown, here’s what you need to know.

1. Don’t think of it as a gamble

Successful gold investment requires you to have the right frame of mind. Preservation is the key term here. As Doylestown Gold Exchange owner Greg Glemser put it last year:

“It’s the idea that I want my $100 today to be worth $100 next year. You’re not really investing to make money, you’re investing to preserve the money you have.”

2. Choose a trusted partner

Doylestown Gold Exchange is a family-owned business that has spent two decades helping customers interested in buying gold in Doylestown.

We get calls and visits every day from people who want to know about investing in these precious metals. Our philosophy is to consult first, talk about price later.

We want to know why you are buying, and to talk to you about what we’re seeing in the marketplace.

Many of our customers read up on gold and silver, or talk with friends or colleagues, and that’s to be expected. Educating yourself is as important in the bullion market as it is when dealing with stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

If you’re interested in buying silver and gold in Doylestown, stop in to consult with us. We are happy to share our observations about the marketplace.

You can check out our website to get up-to-the-minute precious metal prices, visit the Doylestown Gold Exchange YouTube page for tutorials on buying or selling gold and silver, or call us at 215-345-6630 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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