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Hidden Treasures: What you didn’t think would be worth money

Are you seeking extra cash to meet daily expenses or buy a precious asset? One of the ways to get quick money is by selling antique items you no longer need. Such items include diamond rings, jewelry, flatware, and old coins.

However, since most people aren’t aware of the monetary value of antique items, they keep or eventually discard them in the long run. Discover the little-known antique treasures you could convert into ready cash.

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Do you have old jewelry in the house? You can turn them into ready cash if they still hold their value. Sterling Silver for instance, has a high market value even in an antique state. Moreover, its high electrical conductivity makes it a favorite of many antique enthusiasts.

Likewise, gold has a relatively higher market value since it can retain its original color and value for many years. And with increasing gold prices, you can earn up to 70% of the melt value from any gold jewelry. So if you wish to sell used jewelry, bring them to our dealership for appraisal and good resale value.

Silver Flatware

For many years, Sterling Silver was an integral component of most artifacts in Monarchies worldwide. As a result, experts still attribute the precious metal to luxury and monarch experience.

Silver flatware has high market value owing to its durability and artistic design. If you have assorted Silver flatware, why not take them for appraisal and monetary exchange? At Doylestown Gold Exchange, we buy and sell silverware, including;

  • Forks.
  • Bowls.
  • Knives.
  • Spoons.
  • Tea pots.
  • Candlesticks


Diamond is a popular gemstone of all time. Its brilliance, hardness and unique beauty are a few reasons people love it. According to experts, diamond prices have increased over the last 5-10 years to match the increasing costs of other precious metals. So if you’re in the market to buy or sell precious metals, Diamond should top your product list.

We buy and sell diamonds and related products such as custom-designed engagement rings. Our grading system will ensure you get the best return based on diamond quality. Most importantly, you can earn a good income if your diamonds are colorless, have few blemishes, and have finely cut grades.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins

Do you have some old coins in your house? Perhaps you bought them as an investment or simply collected them as a hobby. The good news is that some coins could earn you millions of dollars depending on their year of mint, scarcity, and condition.

If you’re looking to make extra cash, Doylestown Gold Exchange is a renowned buyer of old coins in Bucks County, Philadelphia. We buy and sell coins ranging from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and bullion at a profitable market price. Moreover, we can value your coins at no cost, so you know how much you should expect from your sales. Some of the coins we buy include Silver American Eagles, Gold American Eagles, Gold Bars, Gold Proof Sets, War Nickels, and Steel Pennies.

High-end Watches

Reconditioned high-end watches are always in demand by customers who can’t afford them in brand-new condition. For this reason, if you have assorted high-end watches you no longer use, you may sell them for a decent return on your initial investment. The most preferred watch brands include Omega, Rolex, Corum, Tiffany, Tudor, and Montblanc.

Doylestown Gold Exchange is the go-to store for buying and selling high-end watches. When you bring your watch, we will evaluate its condition at no cost and pay you instantly.

Before then, a few pointers will come in handy. First, we would love to receive the watch alongside its original packing box to boost its authenticity. Second, if the watch has additional accessories and links, bring them alongside for a higher resale value.


Gold coins and jewelry have incredible monetary value if in good condition. So, why not take them to a dealer for a monetary exchange instead of discarding them? You can make extra cash by heading down to us at Doylestown Gold Exchange. We’re a renowned dealership for buying and selling antique items, so contact us for a free assessment and monetary exchange if you have them in stock.