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Buying Fine Jewelry and Diamonds for the Holidays

jewelry and diamonds

Ah, the holiday season! For some of us, it’s perhaps the most jubilant time of year — one filled with the joys of giving and receiving.

But for others, it’s a nonstop shopping excursion filled with frustration and second-guessing. For men especially, it can be tough to know exactly what to buy for the various women in their lives: our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, fiancées.

So with that in mind, here’s a can’t-miss tip for holiday season shopping: No matter what sort of woman you’re shopping for, fine jewelry is definitely one the safest gift-buying moves you can make. It’ll also be one of the most appreciated.

Bottom line: There probably isn’t a woman or girl out there who wouldn’t love fine jewelry and diamonds during the holiday season. When you take the time to pick out something from the heart — something she can wear every day of the year — it’s touching. Jewelry is personal. It’s sentimental. It’s something that lays near and dear to the soul.

Want to make a statement this holiday season? It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a piece of fine jewelry.

The Big Question for the Holidays

The diamond engagement ring may be the most important jewelry item of the holiday season. This is the ring that changes the game. And yet the engagement ring may be the hardest thing to buy, because in a sense, you’re trying to find the perfect item with which to begin a new life with someone else. Not only does this ring say, “Marry me;” it also says, “I understand you.” Indeed, the engagement ring sets the tone for happily ever after.

Before picking out the perfect engagement ring this holiday season, you might want to consider first attending a diamond seminar. At this event, a seasoned geologist will walk you through the four C’s of diamonds: Cut, color, carat and clarity. Together, they add up to the perfect stone. And when it comes to an engagement ring, you definitely want it to be perfect. After all, it’ll be worn literally every day. It’ll be shown off to anyone and everyone. And sentimentally speaking, it’ll probably mean more to her than any other piece of jewelry, with the possible exception of her wedding band itself.

Some of the trends we’re seeing in diamonds this year include colored stones, floral accents, and even diamonds that have been set in place on their sides. Of course, there’s always the timeless beauty of the diamond solitaire. But ultimately, the perfect ring will be the one that fits your true love’s lifestyle, taste, personality and finger.

Frosting for the Holidays

fine jewelry and diamondsDiamonds, of course, are not relegated to engagement rings. As the economy is slowly picking up and more people are getting back to work, there’s some movement away from the “useful” gift, and towards the heart-melting one. Diamonds get the “ooh and aah” you want when she opens the little box you have so cunningly pulled from your pocket. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces all benefit from a little bit of sparkle.

If you’re shopping for someone you know well and are considering a gift of diamonds, keep her lifestyle in mind. Because while it can be luxurious indeed to wear diamonds every day, if your love is a teacher, for instance, chances are she doesn’t need a huge rock on her hand that could get in the way of class projects.

Remember: The size of the stone and the setting for the holiday diamond gift should always reflect her life, which in turns increases it’s wear-ability.

All That Glitters May be Gold

For those on your list who are especially fashion-forward, diamonds may not be the right gift at all. She may prefer gold jewelry instead. And thankfully, there are many trends to draw from when looking for a simpler holiday gift. Estate earrings, for instance, can be worn on Saturday night, or to dress up a simple suit during the week. Bib necklaces look just as good with a simple white T-shirt as they do against the backdrop of a little black dress. And if you know your special someone well, consider slogan jewelry that may reflect his or her beliefs.

Something Old is New Again

One of our favorite gift-giving gestures — especially for a mother, a grandmother or a girlfriend — is to have a cherished but broken piece of their jewelry repaired. If you can, sneak a peek into her jewelry box to see if there’s a watch or necklace with a broken band or clasp. Maybe she owns a special charm bracelet that’s become tarnished over the years? (But first, make sure you’re 100 percent certain she won’t interpret your jewelry box snooping as an intrusion into her privacy. If you have any doubt, don’t do it.)

Working with an expert in jewelry repair, you’ll be able to return a once-loved item to its former glory. Take it from us: Being able to once again wear a genuinely treasured piece of jewelry — something that may have been passed down through a family’s generations — is a sentiment that truly captures the magic of the holiday season.

Finding the Right Gift this Holiday

Our team at Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers can absolutely help you find the perfect item this season, because we buy the most beautiful items in the area. From engagement rings to fashion-forward earrings to diamond studs, you will find special, quality items here that are perfect for wrapping in a bow and placing under the tree.

If you’re on a budget this year, consider selling some of your old jewelry to put towards new pieces. Your old item may end up as just the thing for someone else!

Contact our team at Doylestown Gold Exchange for the perfect holiday-season gift.