A Ring & A Prayer & She said “Yes!”

man proposes to woman
© Tobias Hibbs 2019

This is a case study, a way for us to demonstrate our expertise at finding the perfect engagement ring for our customers.

But it’s also a love story.

It’s the story of Tom, a young man from the Doylestown area who was ready to pop the question.

His parents have been customers for years and told him our store was the only place he needed to go to find a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Tom came to us with a ring design and diamond size that he knew his girlfriend wanted, along with a proposed budget, and we were ready to begin.

As always, our first step was to educate the customer on the important qualities of the diamond and our design process, so they have a clear understanding of the purchase.

But as we began to discuss the design, it became clear that Tom’s ideal ring size and design would exceed his budget.

However, our goal is to always give the customer what they want, so instead of telling Tom, “Sorry, we can’t do that,” we began to look for a solution.

diamond engagement ring designed and made by doylestown gold exchange

At this point, Tom and I had discussed the ring design and conducted a computer-aided design we both liked, so we knew the design was firm. Now we had to look at the size and quality of the diamond, to see if we could get it to a place that still fit his budget.

One of the great things about diamonds is that you can tweak certain characteristics to help with the price without sacrificing the finished product.

And that’s what we did here. Tom worked with us to bring his budget up a bit, and we found a diamond that was a grade lower in clarity and color.

diamond engagement ring designed and made by doylestown gold exchange

In the end, Tom worked with us to create a beautiful ring that he was able to give his now fiancée.

He proposed to her at an amazing setting in a vineyard, and she said “Yes!”

Stories like this put a smile on our faces. We’re a small, family-owned and operated business. Everyone on our team lives in the Doylestown area, so when we help customers like Tom, we’re really helping our neighbors. It’s exciting to see a young couple begin a life together and know that we were a part of it.

With a graduate gemologist on staff and more than 20 years’ experience in the jewelry business, Doylestown Gold Exchange is quickly becoming an engagement diamond destination for couples in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Who knows? You might soon be visiting us yourself to tell us “She said ‘Yes.’”

Woman wearing engagement ring designed by doylestown gold exchange

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