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We Can Turn Your Old Pieces into Unique Custom Jewelry

custom jewelry

This is a story about a customer named Alex.

Alex had an idea for a unique piece of custom jewelry. She brought us something special: a pair of wedding bands from her parents.

At first, she thought we might be able to melt the two rings down to create one piece of jewelry, but the more we talked with Alex, the more we realized how special the rings were.

We suggested we work with the rings as they were to preserve as much of the original look as possible. The rings were two different sizes and both had an engraving on the inside, which added to their sentimental value.

We told Alex our idea, and she was on board. But we had a challenge.

In the past, we’d been able to mold a single wedding band into a heart shape but working with two rings of two different sizes would be a different story.

Once we knew we wanted a heart-shaped piece of custom jewelry we carefully created two hearts from the rings.

That led to our next challenge: Do we find a way to put the two hearts together or leave them apart and put them on a chain.

We took photos of the rings in different positions and sent them to Alex, who shared them with her mom. They loved the idea of the rings next to each other so that they stand out, but would still be together.

With that design chosen, our shop dovetailed the two rings together to help lay them properly, then secured the bail on top for the chain and polished it for an elegant finish. We were also able to engrave a saying her parents had for each other to top it off.

This was one of the most rewarding custom jewelry projects we’ve worked on. Alex and her husband, Todd fell in love with the pendant as soon as they saw it.

Jewelry can hold a very special place in our hearts, making memories that extend from generation to generation. We’re grateful to Alex and her loved ones for letting us craft this memorable piece and help extend a family tradition.

And although we’re known for making custom diamond engagement rings and bands, we’re also happy to make any kind of custom jewelry you like. Stop in to discuss your project today. We’ll create something that will last for generations to come.