The Colors of Summer: Best jewelry for the season

The summer season comes with a lot of pressure, as we try to match the brightness of the days and the warmness of the nights with our own sparkle and heat. One of the best ways to show off our summer sensibilities is through our outfits. There’s no better way to put yourself ahead of the competition than to have some stunning jewelry pieces to accompany your summer season outlays.

That’s where Doylestown Gold Exchange comes in. We’ve got the widest selection of top-quality gemstones and jewelry designs you could ever wish for, and you won’t find better prices anywhere. Just to give you an idea of your options, here’s a quick rundown of the most eye-catching summer gemstone selections available.

Let’s get right into it.

Orange Sapphire

Nothing beats a sapphire if it’s the sun you’re hankering over. Orange-hued sapphires are the perfect encapsulation of summer warmth and luxuriousness. They are a lesser-known member of the wide sapphire family of gemstones, but this doesn’t take anything away from their impeccable resonance and ability to lend warmth to any outfit. Pair this stone with neutral pastels and linens to highlight an understated summer getup.


For the understated yet stylish individual looking to add a touch of glamor to an evening outfit, morganite is an excellent gemstone choice. The blush-toned hues of this stone are an enchanting accompaniment to pastels and light-colored fabrics, giving them an extra glow without hogging the spotlight. With morganite in your arsenal, nobody will be outshining you either.


What says summer is here better than the deep blue sea? An aquamarine gemstone is one of the most season-appropriate pieces of jewelry you can adorn yourself with this season. The sparkling blue is enough to cool you down a couple of notches while raising the temperature of anyone lucky enough to catch an eyeful of it. The sparkling blues of aquamarine are sure to give your summer wardrobe an undeniable boost.

Yellow Quartz

The sun is the ultimate symbol of summer, and few gemstones manage to evoke its essence the way yellow quartz does. This stone ranges in hue from amber to blond and makes us think of all the things we love about this season, including the sands on the beach, blooming summer flowers, tropical birds, and, obviously, the shining summer sun up high.


If fairies wore any kind of jewelry, then it would be citrine. It might have been specially designed to be worn in the sun – it just sparkles. Citrine’s subtle amber tone seems to warm up to a stunning yellow under the right lighting. If you want to look like you took a scoop out of a Mediterranean sunset and splashed it onto your summer garb, then citrine is what you’re looking for.


Serpentine, also known as ‘the new jade,’ is a favorite with spiritual healers and the wellness crowd. It’s famous for its soothing deep-forest to yellow-green hues that are so evocative of the blooming springs and lush summer months. Serpentine will be a powerful addition to your collection if you go for underrated jewelry and appreciate the spiritual essence of certain gemstones.


This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the golden-green hues of the peridot gemstone are bursting with charisma. You won’t find anyone that isn’t captivated by its brilliant pastel brilliance, which is guaranteed to usher in a cool breeze of refreshment. There are plenty of reasons why the ancient Egyptians knew these gemstones as the ‘Gems of the sun.’ They will lend an essence of lush summer beauty and decadent ease to your ensemble.

What Else is in Store?

The great thing about jewelry is that it’s meant to be seen, and there’s no better season to show off the shiny stuff than the summer. There are plenty of gemstone options available to you that will put some summer spirit into you. Aside from what we’ve mentioned here, you can go with white quartz, zircon, tourmaline, kunzite, larimar, topaz, tanzanite, tsavorite, spinel, and more.

There is a wider variety of gemstones available to you than you might imagine, so taking the time to browse through them will likely lead you to discover what suits you perfectly. It’s all up to you, and what you feel gels with the energy you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to break the bank to get your summer bling on. Whether you’re looking for layered necklaces, armlets, breastplates, toe rings, tiaras, earrings, anklets, piercings, or anything in between, you can be sure that Doylestown Gold Exchange will have what you need. The summer months are all about the contrast between hot and cool, and we’ve got the right jewelry to get you looking like both. Check us out.