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Golden Romance: Find The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift in PA 

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and what better way to express your love than with the timeless allure of gold? At Doylestown Gold Exchange in Pennsylvania, we invite you to embark on a journey to discover the perfect valentine’s day gift that will make this holiday unforgettable. 

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How Will Brexit Affect Gold Investments in PA?

Voters in the United Kingdom made history June 23 by voting to leave the European Union. The “Brexit” referendum – as it’s come to be known – could have major implications for the economy in both Great Britain and around the world. The days following the vote have already seen an equity sell-off that erased […]

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Why You Should Consider Precious Metal Investments

Doylestown Gold Exchange owner Greg Glemser can remember a time when investing in precious metals just wasn’t something people did. “You used to seem a little crazy to put your money into silver or gold,” he says. Now, it’s a way to diversify your portfolio, and one of the key pieces of Doylestown Gold Exchange’s […]

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What to Expect From a Precious Metal Investment Consultation

When people come to buy gold at the Doylestown Gold Exchange, owner Greg Glemser offers them a history lesson. Until 1964, quarters had silver in them. Fifty years ago, a quarter would have been worth, well, a quarter of a paper dollar. But because of the silver in the coins, quarters from that era have […]