Sell Your Diamonds at Doylestown Gold Exchange

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Looking to sell your diamond? Doylestown Gold Exchange is the most trusted diamond buyer in the tri-state and Bucks County area.

In today’s world there is a lot that happens to each of us as we go through life.  Things come up that we didn’t expect and sometimes we need to find someone we can trust to guide us through a difficult process.

Doylestown Gold Exchange is the place to go if you are looking to sell a diamond in a no pressure environment.  With a graduate gemologist on staff, we will do our best to get you the most for your diamond.

Diamonds are not like gold or silver; you can’t just weigh, look at the price that day, buy and then melt the diamond.  That is not the way it works. There is a little more to it to make sure you get the most for the diamond you are looking to sell. It doesn’t matter if the diamond you are looking to sell is from a divorce, an upgrade, or one you inherited—we want you to get the most for that stone. We will look at the color, clarity, carat weight and cut of the diamond and give you an idea of what we can offer.

Diamonds are very difficult, in that what it may appraise for usually is a lot more than what the market may be offering. We take time during each step to explain how we are coming up with our offer for your diamond. Diamonds are like a car, when you buy, go off the lot and come back the price has decreased a lot from the purchase price.

We also spend two days a week in the New York diamond district, buying and selling diamonds. We’ll shop your diamond for no charge and come back with the highest offer for you if you want us to really get it in the marketplace.

There are many reasons why we sell diamonds, and the marketplace has changed considerably in the past decade. We still sell custom engagement rings, but we also receive 2-3 customers a day who are looking to sell their diamonds. Customers visit us from all over Bucks and Montgomery counties, the Lehigh Valley, Pittsburgh and New Jersey. We pride ourselves on being honest and fair when we buy diamonds.

If you have any questions or just want to get an idea on a price, we do this everyday at no charge and no pressure to sell.  Please visit our website DoylestownGoldExchange.com or give us a call at 215-345-6630 to make an appointment.  Doylestown Gold Exchange does it all, Buyers, Sellers, & Jewelers.