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Not your typical Gold Buyer in Bucks County!

When most people think of gold buyers, they think of a small dirty store with no atmosphere or personality. They imagine walking into and having to deal with a miserable individual behind glass who is just interested in trying to rip you off! Things are different here at Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers. When you walk in you’ll notice how beautiful and clean our store is. We have a coffee station, a sitting table with the day’s news paper and a coloring area for your children. Our cases will be packed with high quality merchandise and the walls are covered with local artwork. You’ll always be greeted with a warm hello and feel good from the moment you walk in! It is very important to us that you feel welcomed, and have an excellent buying or selling experience.

There are countless reasons why we aren’t your typical gold buyers. When buying gold and silver, we factor more then just the metal value in to our offer. If we can pay you more for stones or a resalable piece, we will. For example, if it’s a high quality diamond necklace, we’ll give you more then just the pure metal value. This is also the case for some name brand pieces of jewelry. For instance, if you bring in a sterling Pandora charm, its silver value might be $2. However, we routinely pay our customers any where from $5 to $10 for each one of these charms! As long as they are genuine of course! Besides buying scrap gold and silver we also offer a plethora of other services.

We do everything jewelry. We offer expert jewelry repair from a simple solder to an intricate custom engraving. If you need your pearls restrung or your wedding band re-sized, please come in and your repair will be in excellent hands. Also, feel free to stop in any time and have your diamond ring cleaned for free while you wait. On top of the repairs, we have cases of quality jewelry for sale. In stock we have a mix of both new jewelry, and the aforementioned refinished jewelry. But don’t think of it as used, because you won’t be able to tell the difference. Every piece of pre-owned jewelry is refinished and like new! This is a great way to save, and not pay exurbanite retail prices. It’s good to frequently stop in and check our inventory, since its always changing. We can also have anything you want ordered or designed. We have done several custom diamond engagement rings and have saved our customers thousands! We are fortunate to have graduate gemologist Greg Glemser as one of the partners here at DTGE. He has been selling jewelry for over 16 year and is an expert in this field! Do your self a favor and see what we have to offer before going through with your jewelry purchase at the normal cookie cutter jewelry store.

Beyond jewelry, we are also heavily involved in the purchase and sale of investment grade bullion. In these uncertain times we are making it easy for both buyers and sellers. Stop in on Fridays and talk to Matt who will happily explain both the pros and the cons of investing in precious metals. If you aren’t local, we can also ship your precious metals! We have several customers who will routinely give us a call, lock in a price, and have it shipped to their door.

Although buying gold, silver and other precious metals is the core of our business, it is not the only thing we will do. If fact, its one of our motto’s that “we buy anything of value”. If we think it’s worth money, we can take it off your hands and do all the work. Some of the items we have purchased in the past include musical instruments, designer hang bags, computers and even antique firearms. Do you have a nice genteelly used Louis Vuitton bag just collecting dust or that acoustic guitar that you never got around to learning how to play? If so, turn it in to cash!

We’ve grown a lot in just two years of business and continue to see new exciting things everyday. As they say on the history channel’s “Pawn Stars”, you never know what’s going to walk through the doors. So whether you come in for a $5 watch battery, or to cash in on your unwanted treasures, we are more then happy to serve you at the family owned and operated Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers!