Looking to raise money for a charity? Need a new Fundraising idea?- Try a gold Party!

Over the past few years with a weaker economy people have been struggling to raise money for their favorite charities and causes they support.  These fundraisers are very important to every community as the money raised goes to support many families that are in need.  One of the main problems today is people do not have the extra money to donate, as rising costs in their own home has made it difficult to keep up with the bills, much less give money to help other people.  It isn’t that we don’t want to help, it is just that we can’t and this trickle down effect is felt at every level.

Doylestown and Richboro Gold Exchange has developed a fundraising idea that has been used and has raised money without hurting people in the wallet. With the price of gold and silver so high, you may be surprised at what treasures you may have in your jewelry box.  A hand full of old broken jewelry could be worth hundreds of dollars.



If we are working with your organization at an event or in our store, we will donate 10% of all purchases to your charity or cause.  Imagine if someone comes in our store and sells $800 worth of jewelry.  We donate $80 to you and the person walks away with $800 cash in their pocket.  This way they donated to their favorite cause with some old jewelry they never used.  This is a win – win for everyone.  Please contact us for more information on what we can do for your next fundraising event!