Lab Grown Diamonds are now here in Doylestown

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The Doylestown Gold Exchange is excited to introduce the world of Lab Grown Diamonds to Doylestown and the surrounding areas.  It is a very exciting time in the jewelry industry as Lab Grown diamonds are now having a major impact across the jewelry industry. It is truly hard to imagine or wrap your head around the idea of Lab Grown diamonds entering the market.   it is mind-boggling to think a diamond can be created above ground in 10-12 weeks instead of the millions of years it takes to a diamond to form beneath the earths surface.

It is hard to go over all the details about lab grown diamonds in a blog, so we invite you to come to our store so we can show you first hand  these amazing lab grown diamonds and the incredible process by which they are made.  For many years Lab Grown Diamonds have been in the works.  Now the process has come to fruition and Lab Grown Diamonds are entering the market for the first time.

Now Doylestown Gold is proud to offer our customers a great choice when it comes to diamonds.  The process that you will soon hear more about locally and nationally is call Chemical Vapor Deposition otherwise known as CVD!!  Not CBD which we all see now in our area, but CVD.

In this process a diamond seed crystal is placed in a vacuum chamber along with carbon-rich gasses that fall down in the form of pure carbon and attaches to the seed crystal.  Over several weeks the result is a rough diamond that is ready to be cut into a diamond to be sold!!  This process is simply amazing and you have to see with your own eyes to truly believe how it looks and sparkles just like a diamond mined from deep within the earth.

Lab  Grown Diamonds have clarity and color grades like regular diamonds and many come with certification and laser engraving.  Lab Grown Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes and prices to fit your budget needs.

We have been providing quality diamonds to customers for over 20 years and remember many years ago when the idea of lab grown diamonds first came about.  Back in the day they were not able to create a lab grown diamond that we would be comfortable showing our customers.  Now after learning about the process and seeing the quality of the stones in person, Doylestown Gold Exchange believes we can now give customers a high quality choice.

We are excited to offer a wide range of diamond stud earrings in stock along with large engagement rings as well as diamond pendants .  Please come in and get a first-hand look at Lab Grown Diamonds and see what has changed, the jewelry market forever!!

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