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Host A Gold Party For Spring Cleaning

Host a Gold PartyIt’s time to do your spring cleaning. Why not have a Gold Party and make a little money. What is a Gold Party? A Gold Party is a party where you and your friends (or coworkers, family, or organization) get together with all of the gold and jewelry you are interesting in selling, and Doylestown Gold Exchange will come to you, appraise your jewelry and buy it.

As the host of the party, you will receive 10 percent of the Doylestown Gold Exchange’s profits from the party. And to help offset the cost of hosting your Gold Party, we will also offer you $10 per person who sells jewelry to us.

Here’s how you can host a Gold Party for your friends:

1. Find out who is interested in attending. Let your friends or organization know you are considering hosting a Gold party. Are they interested in selling their jewelry too and having a fun night together?
2. Contact Doylestown Gold Exchange. You can call us or contact us here. Let us know you are interested in having a Gold Party. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and set up the day and time. Just let us know the final number of guests when you officially hear from your friends so we can send the right number of jewelry experts.
3. Send out invitations. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to have a nice get-together with your friends and you want to set the tone with mailed invitations. Or maybe you just want to send out a quick text or email. Either way, let your friends know that the Doylestown Gold Exchange will be coming to your home, so everyone can make some money.
4. Do your spring cleaning. In between cleaning out under your bed and organizing your bathroom cabinets, check out your jewelry box. Which pieces haven’t you worn in a while? Do you have anything you’re not sure about? Don’t worry! Bringing a piece of jewelry to the Gold Party does not mean you have to sell it.
5. Plan the food and drinks. Remember that you will receive $10 for every person who sells a piece of jewelry during your Gold Party. So, this may be the perfect excuse to have your party catered. Or you can even make it pot-luck and have everyone bring a little something.
6. Have the party. Host the party like you would any other event. Have a great time spending time with your friends. Just remember to relax! We will take care of the most important part: keeping your guests busy and entertained.
7. Make some money. At the end of the night, we will see how many guests sold their jewelry, and we will calculate how much was sold. For instance, if 10 of your guests sold their jewelry, you will receive 100 dollars just for hosting the event! If it was $3,000 worth of jewelry, you will make $300. So, not only will you end the night with $400 plus any money you made from selling your own jewelry, you will have also had a great time hanging out with your friends.

Expect your evening to be relaxing. We pride ourselves on being a gold dealer that you can trust, so you and your guests know you are in good hands.

If you can’t host a Gold Party, you can still come in to our store and sell your jewelry and buy some new pieces. We buy everything from coins to silver to gold. And we sell all kinds of jewelry and are known as one of the best places to buy diamond rings in Doylestown.

Have you ever had a Gold Party? Are you just planning one now? What are you looking forward to most about your Gold Party with the cash for gold in Bucks County?