Gold is at $1600! Good time to see what your gold and silver are worth today.

As the gold and silver prices begin to rise again, we are seeing more and more people coming in to sell their gold and silver for the extra money.  It is amazing what a handful of broken jewelry or items that you no longer want can bring.  With gold at $1600, an old school ring could bring you anywhere from $200-$500!  If you have any questions or just want a free appraisal of your items, bring them to Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelry and we will let you know the value.

We are located in the Middle of Bucks County and offer many years of experience in precious metals.  We have a graduate gemologist on staff to help with all your jewelry needs and custom diamond engagement rings.



With over 20 years of buying and selling gold and silver, we look forward to meeting you and walking you through the process step by step.  We invite you to visit our store and see how we make sure the customer feels comfortable and confident in what we have to offer.  Many stores look for the one time buy, but we at the Doylestown Gold Exchange, a family owned and operated business want to build a long term relationship that goes well into the future.

We also buy coins and coin collections.  If you come across some old coins and you are not sure if they have any value, bring them to us and we will see if you have found a treasure! 

This picture of old quarters, dimes and half dollars is worth over $5000 today.  Imagine getting $4-$5 for every silver quarter you have?  Not bad for some old stuff lying around.

We Buy Gold

We Buy Silver