Featured Jewelers: Handmade Unique Jewelry at Doylestown Gold Exchange

Handmade jewelry carries its own uniqueness. The passion and heart that go into working on one piece are visibly highlighted in the magnificence of the completed piece. If you want to fall in love with jewelry, try our featured jeweler’s art pieces.

You will find diverse yet classic pieces; edgy and comfortable, elegant and colorful. You can get a showstopper statement or a minimalist piece from our selection.

1. Sarah Cornwell Jewelry

We were lucky to find Sarah Cornwell and her talented design team on our mission to promote local artists. Sarah has built a beautiful and affordable brand, and her line hosts coastal-inspired pieces that feature crisp whites, cool greens, bright corals, and unique beach shapes.

Sarah has different lines created from sterling silver and gold filled. They are further accentuated with handpicked gems, making them beautiful and novel. Each spring and fall brings new styles to keep her creativity flowing.

Sarah is on a mission to make you look effortless, graceful, and stunning with her versatile art pieces best suited for the busy woman’s lifestyle. Regardless of your season, she wants you to be in style. She offers comfort besides versatility in every piece she designs.

It’s refreshing that she has you in mind, from design to creating every piece of jewelry in her line. You can purchase what is already in store or request them to make something unique. Check out her vast selection of jewelry at sarahcornwelljewelry.com.

2. Frederic Duclos Jewelry

If you are a lover of contemporary silver jewelry, we got you covered. Fredric Duclos is an award-winning French silver extraordinaire offering rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry in his collection. In addition, he has been creating fashionable sterling silver jewelry for three decades.

With a view of creating innovative concepts, his jewelry is nothing short of heart and soul in a piece of art. Frederic says he envisions a woman wearing his jewelry as he designs it. In addition, he visualizes your face and personality to achieve a statement piece.

His intricately designed pieces are created to pick up your fundamental qualities and complement them in a refined yet classic piece. Check out fredericduclos.com for more breathtaking pieces to accentuate your look.

3. John Medeiros Jewelry

Are you looking for exquisite earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms? John Medeiros has an extensive line of this jewelry. He has been creating spectacular pieces for decades and incorporating hand-carved detailing in his designs.

John Medeiros is one of the few lines produced from the concept to completion in Rhode Island. His brand is sustained by the belief that all women should have access to and enjoy stylish, high-quality jewelry. Therefore, his art pieces incorporate the same engineering methods and craftsmanship used in the precious metals jewelry industry.

He handcrafts each piece with a base material that is lightweight yet strong, an overlay of 14K gold or rhodium, which is hard and long-lasting, and stones like cubic zirconia, which is an inexpensive substitute to diamond, making the pieces undeniably beautiful.

Rocking John Medeiros jewelry makes you look and feel original and expensive without breaking the bank. You can take a look at his vast collection at johnmedeiros.com.

4. E. L. Designs

E.L. Designs is known for its spectacular and skillfully created jewelry pieces over the past seven decades. The design studio is a pioneer in pushing for a fashion-forward luxury jewelry industry. Every design is handmade to achieve flawless and lasting fulfillment for women passionate about their jewelry choices.

The studio prides itself on its distinct and timeless designs. Their goal is to provide you with a lifetime of inspiration and delight with every piece you buy. This is in line with their vision “to create a sense of wonder while expressing something significant.” Their designs are handcrafted, allowing every piece to reach completion with unmatched beauty, functionality, and quality.

The design team employs innovative technology and the finest stones and metals to create a beautiful three-dimensional piece of art. Given their collection, rocking E.L. Designs is an experience to delight you now and in the future.

The versatility and style in each piece make E. L. Designs jewelry a must-have for every woman. Visit eldesigns.com to check out their vast collection.


At Doylestown Gold Exchange, we acknowledge the value of the jewelry on your overall look. Jewelry can move your attire from basic to elegant. It can help you achieve a look that brings out confidence and makes you feel and look expensive.

That is why we have chosen to feature these four designers to allow every woman access to affordable, high-quality jewelry. Your taste and preference will lead you to the jewelry to buy. These jewelry pieces can also be great gift ideas. So, visit our website to check out your favorite designers’ collections.