Doylestown’s Diamond Destination for the Holidays!

With the economy today, many people are looking for ways to make some extra money, and also spend it wisely when they have some extra cash or a special occasion to shop for.  At Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers, we are looking to get you the best value for your items when you sell unwanted gold and silver, and also give you the best prices when you are looking to buy fine jewelry.

As the price of gold and silver continue to rise, people are clearing out their jewelry boxes and estates to cash in and get the most for their unwanted items so they have some extra cash for the upcoming holiday season.  Graduate Gemologist Greg Glemser is able to appraise your jewelry and get you the most money when you want to sell, and on the flip side, with our knowledge and experience, we also offer fine jewelry and diamonds at prices that can’t be beat.  With the motto Trustworthy, Reputable, and Honest, we have built at strong reputation in the Bucks County are for offering the best price for Gold, Silver, diamonds, and coins, and now we are becoming know for the fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings we sell at prices that can’t be beat!

With over 15 years in the jewelry business, Greg Glemser is using this knowledge of the industry to offer services and pricing that will meet your budget.  With  a large campaign this holiday season as “Doylestown’s Diamond Destination” we are slowly becoming a name people recognize and trust when it comes to high-end fine jewelry. Our main focus is to first educate our customers on the qualities that make up a diamond. Clarity, color, carat weight and the cut. You can learn more about each topic by watching more of our diamond tutorials on our YouTube channel. When you go searching for a diamond it can be intimidating and most of all confusing on why the prices can vary so much.  We feel that once you have an understanding of diamonds, then we can begin to find the perfect diamond piece at the price that is right for you!

We have a large selection of loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings in our store in many different sizes and qualities. If we don’t have in stock, we can go into the market in New York City and within a day or two have several more diamonds to show you.