Custom Engagement Rings: What you need to know

Custom engagement rings are an understandable attraction for couples. They allow you to get a ring that meets your needs and preferences. You also know that no one has a ring similar to yours in the world. Further, a custom engagement ring also comes across as a thoughtful and thus more romantic gift. However, before you set off to get your custom ring, here are crucial things you need to know.

  1. Budget

Generally, custom engagement rings cost more than preset rings. However, it does not mean that it must be expensive. The fact that it is custom allows you to pick different options for the band, the stone, and the design. You can opt for a lab-grown diamond that is less expensive but has better qualities than mined diamond or options like sapphire or moissanite.

It also helps when you set your budget early in the process. It guides you on the various options to take so that you do not end with added options that drive the overall cost of the ring higher than expected. A clear budget also allows the jeweler to maximize it and prioritize the different elements of the ring.

  1. Partner’s preferences

You are probably picking the engagement ring for someone else, your partner. That means you need to know their preferences, tastes, and expectations. Look at their clothing and how they accessorize to get an idea of their aesthetic preferences. While engagement rings are usually a surprise if you are having a hard time picking what your partner will prefer, it will be useful to involve them. Jewelers need many details to bring to life your imagination, and it may surprise you how your partner will love to be involved. After all, the gesture itself would be a surprise.

  1. Pick the right jeweler

Jewelers play an important role in the success of custom engagement rings. You have to find the right jeweler with the right expertise, resources, cost, and customer care. The fortunate thing is that most jewelers are willing to assist you in getting your perfect engagement ring. You can use referrals customer ratings to shortlist the best jewelers. You should seek to hold a consultation meeting and use it to determine the suitability of a jeweler. The right jeweler will walk you through the whole process of how a custom engagement ring is made. They will also be patient and maintain constant communication.

  1. Do not do it in a rush, and be ready to invest time  

Bespoke engagement rings take time, and the process will involve plenty of adjustments and corrections. The jeweler may also have to import some items if what you have is not readily available at the shop. As such, do not leave yourself with little time, which means you will hurry things up and keep making compromises. A custom engagement ring should reflect the well-thought process. Further, you should be ready to invest your time, whether through correspondence or visiting the shop, if it is possible to check on the progress and answer any questions that keep arising.

  1. Understand the different types and materials

While no one engages in the process already knowing much about jewelry or designing, it helps to familiarise yourself with the various options. You should know the basics of the engagement ring styles like a halo, prong sets, three stones, etc. It is also beneficial to know the materials and stones you can use for the bands and as side stones. It allows you to find the best option for your preference and budget and also easily direct the jeweler to what you want.

Relax and enjoy the process

Finally, you remember it is a creative process for someone you love. So, relax, and enjoy it, picking inspiration from anywhere and letting the jeweler do his magic. Follow the above tips and picking custom engagement rings will be a breeze. 

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