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Find Value in the Past: Sell Used Jewelry for Cash Today

Have you ever wondered if those old pieces of jewelry tucked away in your drawer are worth more than just sentimental value? Perhaps you have jewelry that you no longer wear or have inherited pieces that don’t quite fit your style. Instead of letting them collect dust, consider this: you can turn your unused or […]

Should I Sell My Engagement Ring? Insights and Advice

Are you thinking to yourself, “Should I sell my engagement ring?” Well, whether you’ve gone through a divorce, you inherited it, or you just don’t wear it anymore, it’s important to find a trustworthy and experienced jeweler who can provide an accurate appraisal and a fair price for your piece. Look no further than Doylestown […]

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Could Iran Sanctions Affect the Price of Gold?

Last month, the United States government announced it would impose “the strongest sanctions in history” on Iran. And while a lot of the news coverage on this issue dealt with how the sanctions would affect oil and gas prices, it’s worth taking a minute to ask a question any Bucks County cash for gold business […]

What Are the Different Cuts of Diamonds for Engagement Rings?

Shopping for a custom diamond engagement ring? You’ll need to take a crash course in what’s known as the “four Cs” of diamonds: Carat – The weight of the diamond Color – The less color a diamond has, the better its quality Clarity – The absence or presence of inclusions – or flaws – in […]

How to Clean Diamond Rings

Your diamond engagement ring might be the thing you cherish most, given to you by the person you most cherish. And like all beloved items, you want to make sure it looks its best.  That’s why we’ve put together this guide to cleaning diamond rings, to help everyone from people who have been married for […]

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Looking to Sell a Diamond? Choose a Dealer You Can Trust

Selling diamonds can be an emotional experience. Maybe you’re going through a divorce. Maybe the diamond is a family heirloom. In situations like these, it helps to work with a diamond buyer you can trust, and Doylestown Gold Exchange prides itself on offering a no-pressure environment for people looking to buy and sell diamonds. With the […]

A Quick Guide to Diamond Cuts

The world of diamonds is governed by “the four Cs.” There’s color, which actually refers to the lack of color a stone has. One with no color is considered top quality, while a “brown” or “yellow” diamond is a lower standard diamond. There’s carat, which is the weight of the diamond, and clarity, which refers […]

How to Sell Your Diamonds

Perhaps Great Aunt Nancy gave you her three carat antique old mine cut diamond engagement ring? Or, you have diamond stud earrings that were an anniversary gift from your first husband but your second husband doesn’t like you to wear them.  Or perhaps you just could use the cash more than that seldom-worn diamond dinner […]