Bucks County PA

Buy and sell gold, silver coins in Bucks County PA

As a family-owned business with over 20 years of precious metals experience, Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers has carefully crafted a reputation as a trusted buyer and seller of gold, silver and jewelry. With the price of gold and silver on the rise, you want to get the best value for your used or unwanted jewelry. Come in for a detailed evaluation, and find out how much cash you can get for your silver, gold or coins.

Expert Bucks County jewelry and watch repair

With more than 15 years of experience in repairing jewelry, we can repair any piece in a timely fashion, and give customers a detailed description of their items and the work that’s being done, so they know they’re getting their jewelry repaired to their satisfaction.  Our expert watch repairman can provide everything from basic crystal replacement to a complete overhaul of a Rolex.

Doylestown Gold Exchange buys your diamonds

At Doylestown Gold Exchange, our expertise extends beyond gold and silver sales into the world of diamonds. Our graduate gemologist Greg Glemser can give you a great price and an extensive education on loose diamonds. We will give you our best offer on any type of diamond, including diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, loose diamonds and diamond wedding bands.

Your Bucks County source for custom diamond engagement rings

When it’s time to find the right engagement ring, speak to an expert. Our gemologist Greg Glemser can help you choose the diamond that’s right for your intended, and the ring to go with it. We have a number of styles to choose from, and if you can’t find the right one, we can custom design any ring you want. We will be with you every step of the process, to make sure you go home with the perfect ring.

To find out more about selling or buying gold and silver jewelry and coins, or to learn about our diamond experts or any other services, contact Doylestown Gold Exchange here.

About Bucks County PA

One of the largest counties in Pennsylvania, Bucks County is also one of the oldest. As one of the three original colonies created by William Penn in 1682, Bucks County was one of the primary farming areas that supplied agriculture to the city of Philadelphia to the south. Though it was later divided to form parts of Northampton and Lehigh Counties, it is considered a part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area, otherwise known as the Delaware Valley. 

Bucks County has a rapidly-growing population, with an estimated 626,685 residents as of 2014. This growth spurt was spurred by the development of several residential areas across the county in the 1970s, which made the county a popular location for immigrants to settle down. Today, the median income of the average Bucks County home is $59,727. Although Newtown was once the county seat, it was later replaced by Doylestown, the home of Doylestown Gold Exchange. Doylestown, along with a number of other regions throughout the county, contribute to Bucks County’s tourism. 

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